About LIIT

LIIT "s training is geared towards providing, guiding and improving the skills of our students with the goal of filling the position that achieves their career-oriented goals. In the present competitive technological workplace, earning a degree is not the sole requirement. Companies today are increasingly more interested in seeking candidates with the skills that will achieve their targeted ends within a short frame of time. LIIT  has carefully explored and analyzed the precise needs of these companies and communicates with them in order to update their required skills. We offer a multitude of courses and programs that complete the objective for career advancement.

Why Choose LIIT?

LIIT"s motto is "Commitment, Perseverance and Success" which solidifies our dedication to your progress. LIIT offers a wide selection of basic and advanced computer career oriented courses at affordable prices. Our job-oriented courses range from Microsoft Technologies, Client/Server, UNIX and PC Applications. Our instructors are highly proficient and reliable resources who are dedicated to teaching and ensuring that you understand the material that is applicable to the career that you want. We guarantee your success with our career certification. We offer convenient weekday, night and weekend classes for people with busy schedules. We are furnished with lab facilities that allow you to exercise maximum practice at your convenience. Our library facilities are compact enough to conduct research for your related computer courses so you can perfect your specialized area of study. Our job facilities will prepare our students for the real life job environment and guarantee a job position that they deserve and where our certification directly takes them to where they want to be. Our classrooms are comfortably furnished with multi-platform, networked computers, video, projectors and fully integrated software options.

Our Instructors

LIIT"s instructors complete a training program which not only evaluates their qualifications but also their ability to teach effectively. LIIT"s instructors are highly educated and qualified with years of experience with IT industries. Our method of teaching comprise of a balance of lectures, hands-on exercises, reviews, delivering you information about the latest technologies and innovation that pertains to your specialized area of study and exposing you to the real life techniques that are employed in the corporate environment. Our emphasis is on individual attention.