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This program will develop marketing skills that will ensure your success in today’s increasingly complex business world. Student will acquire new skills you can begin applying immediately on the job along with a new certificate that will serve as an important milestone as you complete each course.

This comprehensive professional development series covers the most critical higher studies like MBA subject areas in marketing. Like a college degree program, the step-by-step approach builds on itself, taking students through the essential skills managers and other professionals need to stay competitive. Students benefit from:

  • Building a solid understanding of the business disciplines.
  • Developing the confidence, objectivity and vision necessary to make effective business decisions both as an individual and as a leader.
  • Gaining an increased understanding of the role and function of marketing strategy and its use in the decision-making processes in today's organizations.
  • Developing practical marketing tools to help position their organization for success


Who Should Enroll?

Professionals who want to strengthen their marketing skills are ideal candidates for this Certificate in Business/Marketing. This program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving organizational marketing tools and skills.

Required Courses:

1)  Business and Marketing Essentials I

This marketing training is designed for business people with little or no knowledge of Business & marketing practices, as well as inexperienced Business & marketing professionals. Students will develop strategic and tactical skills to create, execute, and evaluate a Business marketing plan.

This course also helps busy professionals to build a solid understanding of the business and marketing disciplines. Whether you're sharpening your skills or studying business for the first time, this course demonstrates your ongoing commitment to excellence — enhancing your reputation and pushing you closer to the peak of your profession.

2)    Business and Marketing Essentials II

Designed for students who have successfully completed the Business and Marketing Essentials I course, Business and marketing Essentials II offers in-depth study of additional topics that impact businesses marketing today.

Take your knowledge a step further with this course, Business and Marketing Essentials II, which brings you, up to date on the most critical topics affecting business and marketing today. Completing this course demonstrates solid business and marketing understanding as well as a commitment to continuing education and professional success.

3)    Advanced Marketing Strategy

This course is ideal for professionals who want to learn how to develop and implement a successful marketing strategy. Students who have completed Business and marketing Essentials I and Business and Marketing Essentials II will receive a Certificate in Business/Marketing after completing this course.

Nothing can build your business or elevate your career like great marketing. As one of the most critical disciplines in business today, marketing can make or break your organization. Advanced Marketing Strategy is the capstone course to the Certificate in Business/Marketing track. It provides a complete overview of all aspects of marketing, including the strategic role of marketing in guiding organizational decisions, individual elements of marketing communications, and how to market your product or service both domestically and internationally.

Course Prerequisite