LCIBA101 : Essentials of Business Analysis
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Anyone involved in analyzing and defining project requirements, the Essentials of Business Analysis certificate is for them. This course helps managers and professionals identify, analyze and design processes to improve the overall flow of information within a company. You'll expand skills to determine the business requirements that drive IT-related projects, plus you'll learn how to maintain a valuable information system to ensure timely delivery of cost-effective products.  

  •  Business or Technical Analyst or Analysis Manage
  •  Operations Manager
  •  Development Manager
  •  IT or Development Manager
  •  System Analyst, Manager or Programmer
  •  Project Manager
  •  Requirements Engineer 
Course Prerequisite
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  • Understand and define the organizational need
  • Gather the information needed to clearly define the requirements
  • Document requirements for use by all stakeholders
  • Analyze, verify and validate requirements
  • Create a framework for successful requirements management and communication


Requirements & Business Modeling

  • Business Analyst Role
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Communications - Rationale
  • Terms and Symbols
  • Requirements in Different Lifecycles
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Changing Requirements
  • Control Flow Diagrams
  • Requirement Defects
  • Avoiding Defects Overview
  • Communications - Alternative Forums


Before Requirements & Modeling

  • Sharing a Vision
  • Need, Goals, and Objectives
  • Communications -Stakeholders
  • Operational Concepts - What Are They?
  • Capturing "As Is" Business View
  • Moving From "As Is" to "To Be"
  • Communications - Effectiveness


Writing Good Requirements

  • Collecting Data Requirements
  • Introduction to CRUD Charts
  • Affinity Analysis Using CRUD Charts
  • Rules for Good Requirements
  • Business Rules
  • Prototypes and Mock-Ups
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Finding and Fixing Requirement Defects
  • Introduction to Conceptual Data Models
  • Communications - Verification


Applying What We Have Learned

  • Working on the Project Team
  • Putting the Process Together
  • Requirements for a New Product
  • Business Process Model Walk-Through
  • Upgrades to an Existing Product
  • Conceptual Data Model Walk-Through
  • Communications in Action
  • Requirements Why and What


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